Cheat… But Just A little

Cheat he says… But just a little. A man can never be faithful to one woman… no way in the…


Lifetitudes – Although the official name of this blog, the made up word seemed alien to me this morning. I…

Hurrah For The Best President!!!!

Some days ago i got talking to a bunch of people at an event and i immediately noticed the division…

Misadventures On Whatsapp!

Earlier today while minding my own business i felt my phone vibrate. I looked down hoping it was a credit…

Questions For You.

In the words of our forefathers (really?), thank God its Friday! I can’t remember how many times I have used…

Yes, For The Love Of Love!

Will love kill me? I have tried my best for love but i have never enjoyed love. I give, i…

The Office Lunch Palava!

So yesterday, a friend of mine called to ask for my opinion about a certain office dilemma he had. This…

Courage Of A Giant!

Yes, I said Monday Joy! It doesn’t have to be all glummy on a Monday does it? I don’t know…

No Title.

I do not have a title for my post. I just miss you guys and i wanted to say hi….

A Cocktail Of Love & Laziness!

  I look at the woman I call my wife and all I can think is what a dirty, dirty…

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